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Opal Cards

Opal cards are free smartcard tickets you keep and reuse. Just add value to get started, then tap on and tap off to pay your fares on trains, buses, ferries and light rail.  Opal cards are available from ticket windows at the Domestic Airport and International Airport stations.

Best of all, the more you travel with Opal the more you can save. To find out more about the benefits of travelling with Opal, visit or ask the Airport station ticket office.

Contactless Payments

Contactless is a quick and easy way to pay for your trip on public transport on the Opal network.

If you have an American Express, Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card or a linked device, you can use it to pay for your travel by tapping on and tapping off at Opal readers. Just look for the contactless payment symbol . Contactless payments are available on all public transport in the Opal network.

You will receive the same travel benefits of an Adult Opal card and pay an Adult fare when you tap on and tap off consistently with the same credit card, debit card or linked device.

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